Time to meet The Slayer – Megan Slayer, that is

Anyone who has been here before knows I love Wendi Zwaduk’s brand of sexy and fun writing. Now Wendi has become schizophrenic….er, what I mean is, she has developed an alter ego of sorts, someone with a hotter and yet at times playful voice. When Wendi writes as Megan Slayer, she keeps me on the edge of my seat and in front of the fan with a big glass of iced water. My favorite from her is the Glow Band series, and what is even more fun with this, is that there are free shorts stories on Megan’s website to go with these stories. There is one book on this list that I haven’t yet read, but I can say I have enjoyed every one that I do have more than once. The Glow Band is a very special group of musicians, some of whom just happen to be a bit more than human, and each will meet their ‘match’ and their happy ever after…eventually! (I will put links to the free stories at their appropriate places in the reading order and a buy link to Changeling Press, where these are available.))


The Glow Band Books by Megan Slayer

Fire Woman

She’s everything he needs… if he can withstand the burn.

Atria Moline isn’t your average photographer. She controls fire. Sounds fun, being able to scorch whenever you like? Think again. She’s lonely and desperate for the touch of the man who can dance in her flame–if she doesn’t immolate him first.

Zac “Iceman” Frost controls the stage with his band Glow. He’s not about to back down from Atria’s challenge. He’d got secrets of his own and his sights set on her.

Contains some hot sex between a fire elemental and a sexy water elemental.


Encounter- Fire Woman: Sweet Sizzles http://www.changelingpress.com/ezine/Encounters/Encounter185_MS_Sizzles/MS_Sizzles.pdf


White Hot Christmas: Wrapped Around

Christmas is the time to come together — with candy, shiny paper, and lots of white-hot sex.

Luc loves his role fronting the band Glow. He loves the adoration of the fans, the energy in the crowd, but it’s Christmas. No one likes a Christmas alone.

Taygan’s free spirit resists taming–except when it comes to Luc. Luc’s one hundred percent human. Taygan is all air elemental. He needs his space and freedom, but he’ll do whatever it takes to make Luc happy, including giving up his space and freedom to make Luc’s holiday one he’ll never forget–complete with the real Santa, peppermint candy, and lots of hot sex.

Contains a little rope play, some devious play with a peppermint stick, oh and lots of manlove.

Encounter—Around and Around http://www.changelingpress.com/ezine/Encounters/Encounter190_MS_Around/MS_Around.htm

The Air I Breathe

Sometimes the one who drives you the craziest is the very one you can’t live without.

When Taygan walked, Luc thought he’d never see his best friend again. That’s fine. Luc’s busy with his band, Glow, and isn’t really interested in having a love life. There’s just one small glitch. He’s lonely without Tay, and his pride can’t take losing him again. It’s up to Luc to decide, but can he live with his decision?

Taygan thought he could handle his element and have a permanent relationship with Luc – until the need to follow the wind element took over. But being away from Luc is killing Tay’s element. To make things worse, Luc’s not waiting around for Tay any longer. What’s a guy to do when his lover is the very air he breathes?


Down to Earth

Opposites attract? Are you kidding?

For Ike Clanton, having competition means winning. Best at the guitar, biggest ride, highest hair, most tattoos. Until he meets Tallulah. She’s nothing like he wants, but she’s everything she needs — he just has to figure it out.

Tallulah never wanted to join Glow. She’s there as a favor, and not to Ike. An Earth elemental and a rock star shouldn’t mix, should they?

Add overzealous greenery and a heaping helping of ego to this mix and shake wildly. Maybe being down to earth isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Encounter—Down to Earth: Snow!  http://www.changelingpress.com/ezine/Encounters/Encounter209_MEG_DowntoEarth/MEG_DowntoEarth.pdf


Here Without You

Love doesn’t always happen according to plan.

Some guys have all the luck and some guys love the pain. Slash Gunderson knows that feeling well. His place behind the drums for Glow is a dream come true. Can he accept his need for kink and the man who makes his heart beat?

Hiram Moline loves his job as the head of security for Glow. He’s also in love with Slash. There’s one major glitch — someone has been sending Slash threatening letters. Hiram’s not about to let anything happen to Slash. Can he convince Slash they’ve got something strong or will the stalker get the upper hand?

Encounter—Here Without You: Scenes from the Hotel  http://www.changelingpress.com/ezine/Encounters/Encounter216_MEG_Hotel/MEG_Hotel.htm

Coming Soon from Changeling Press

The next in the Glow Band series.

Wild Flower

She’s the key to his destiny, if he’s willing to embrace position of power.

Ansen doesn’t believe he’s alpha material. He lives live on his own terms and keeps feelings out of the equation—until a chance meeting at a Glow concert turns his world upside down.

Willow liked having all access to her favorite band. She lives in the shadows and keeps the band’s fan site running without fail. One glimpse of the dark stranger proves there’s more to live than a laptop screen.

But is he too much of a gamble if her heart is the ultimate prize?


Each of these books has so much to love: hot heroes, a bit of danger and lots of scorching hot sex – in Atria’s story that is literal by the way. There is so much more to these characters. Atria is a fire elemental, and can’t stay with one man or they will become ashes. Zac, lead er and all around hot musicion, is convinced she is his match – the one woman who will offset his ice element with her heat. But another fire element is trying to claim her – can Zac win her for his own?

Taygan is an air element who believes he must be free to go where the winds lead him, even when it is away from Luc. When he realizes his element is only strong when they are together, will that be the tipping point in their relationship?

Ike Clanton is the guitarist who has to be the biggest and the best – but can he learn that sometimes big doesn’t mean better, and Tallulah is nothing like what he thinks he wants – but everyone knows it isn’t good to always get everything you want.  Sometimes, to quote the Rolling Stones, you get what you need.

I think my favorite couple is this latest one – Slash and Hiram. Two hot guys into a bit of kink and ready to explore. But first, Hiram needs to find out who is stalking his hunky drummer, so he can finally show Slash just how he feels. I love the emotion running through this one.


This series is hot, passionate and so da**ed fun to experience – whether you like m/f or m/m, there is something here for everyone. Add a dash of danger, a spoonful of tongue in cheek humor, and a ton of hot and sexy and you have Megan Slayer’s Glow Band series.


All of Megan’s books are available at Changeling Press and I have provided links to all of her tempting freebies of the Glow Band books. I plan to award one commenter a surprise gift, so be sure to leave your email address when you comment.







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An Apology for You

I know those of you who stop by are wondering what happened. I disappeared for a while, and I owe you all an explanation and an apology for it. The truth is, life got in the way, in a big way. first, earlier in July, I suffered a fall on my front stairs, and had trouble sitting up for more than a few minutes at a time. Just when I started to feel better, and the back was on the mend, Mother Nature hit me really hard.

As you may know, the midwest has been hit really hard with a major heat wave. St. Louis has experienced over thirty days of 95+ degree heat, with over 15 consecutive days of temps over 105, a new record around here. Anyway, long story short, I got hit with heat stroke, and spent some ‘quality time” with the emergency room and hospital personnel, and got very well acquainted with IV’s and other procedures. I didn’t even know who I was for the first 24 hours of it. This was all because I was working the day job all day, then coming home to a hot apartment without air conditioning-a situation that has been remedied, believe me.

Anyway, I will be choosing my winners soon, and will announce them Monday. And anyone I still owe prizes to will be getting them. So, pretty please, forgive me and I will have a new post up soon, I promise.

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Seeds of Dawn from the Mind of Jambrea Jo Jones

Seeds Of Dawn:  A Brave New World from Jambrea Jo Jones

When I read Dreams, the first book in Jambrea Jo Jones’ Seeds of Dawn, I immediately wanted more. I was delighted to learn this was a series, and as each new book came out, I devoured them and read them multiple times. I just couldn’t get enough of these marvelous and well defined characters, and wanted to see where they would go next. There are now five books out, and I am sorry to say, I have not read the most recent episode-a situation that will be remedied come payday.


Anabella’s dreams bring her to David, but is he the salvation she’s looking for?

Anabella Pouge is plagued with powers she can’t control, making her life far from normal when all she wants is ordinary. Change is coming her way when she must flee with a man straight out of her dreams.

David Sanders is sent to find Anabella. Without her, the future of his wolf pack is in danger. Forced to travel to the middle of nowhere, David finds Anabella might mean more than just his pack’s survival.

Will the two make it back to the pack in time? Can Anabella and David accept each other and the coming changes to their lives?

Jambrea Jo Jones has packed a lot of action, danger and scorching hot passion into this short story. I love this world that she has created, a wonderful blend of reality and fantasy. The characters are all well-defined and most are extremely likeable. Even her secondary characters, Russ and Max, are fully developed. This is David and Anabella’s story, and it is a delight, in spite of the peril we find along the way.Anabella “Bella” Pouge is a sassy woman. She is strong and takes her time trusting, as a rule. But she is also afraid, because she hears what people think, at least until she meets David. David is such a real guy. He takes on the errand because the alpha told him to, no questions asked. He is a loyal and true friend, and I loved the reaction he had when he realized Bella was his mate. And the instinct to protect her above all else was portrayed perfectly. This is a great story, although I wish it had been a bit longer, since I didn’t want to say goodbye to my new friends. I got the feeling we will be seeing them again though, as secondary characters in other books. I certainly hope we get both Max’s and Russ’ stories sometime in the future. I will be watching for them.


Secrets: They have a way of sneaking up on you.

Max Rockwell is the muscle. Give him a good fight and he is ready to go. Sick a sexy reporter on him and he is doomed. The pack secrets are safe with him. He wouldn’t spill them even if his life depended on it. But what if it isn’t his life he has to worry about?

Valerie Thomas wants a story and the smoking hot Max will give her want she wants. What she gets is more than she bargained for. Creatures she couldn’t even begin to imagine are after her all because fate is a bitch.

This is Jambrea Jo Jones’ second book in her Seeds of Dawn series. Having read Dreams, I had been waiting to see where Ms. Jones would take this one. Secrets is filled with surprises, passion, danger, action and evil beings intent on the destruction of all shifters. This is filled with a large cast of marvelous characters, and each is important to the overall story. Make no mistake, however, this is definitely Max and Valerie’s story, with the rest woven through like a finely detailed tapestry.

Valerie Thomas is a reporter, and she has an insatiable curiosity about everything, and a determination to get to the true story. When she sets her mind to uncovering the secrets out at Russ Masters’ compound, she doesn’t let a little thing like Max stop her. I enjoyed her sassy mouth as she continually baits Max.Max Rockwell is a lone wolf, avoiding Valerie and her incessant requests for interviews, until she gets close enough for him to realize that she is his mate. Max is not ready for eternity with one woman, especially one that continually shakes his world and makes him crazy. But when Valerie is in danger, all bets are off, and he claims what is his. I loved watching as Max discovers what is important in his world, and I enjoyed watching Valerie and Max bounce wisecracks off of each other. There are a couple of sub stories here, including the meeting of mates for three other characters in this one. We see Zareb, Russ and Djimon meet their mates, and they are all surprised at who each mate is. There is also the fight against evil, embodied in the person of Dmitri, the bad guy from book one, and the mysterious Vessel that began the whole situation. But things aren’t always what they seem, and soon all the Secrets are revealed and the pack must join together to exorcise the evil that is Dmitri to save Djimon’s life. There is a hard won happy for now, but I look forward to the next book in this imaginative and passionate series to see where Ms. Jones takes me next. This is a hot one, so be sure to keep the fan on high.


Sometimes you need to take justice in your own hands.

 Russell Masters is having a pity party. Woe is him; he isn’t fit to be in charge. If he doesn’t change his way of thinking he could lose the very thing that could make him stronger.

Vivian Sommer can’t understand why her mate won’t claim her. They are destined to be together and she wants to be Russ’ with an all fire passion. It means family and finally belonging. But she isn’t going to sit around while he figures out they are better together.

Her tribe isn’t willing to let her go with out a fight. Russ and Vivian must work together and stand strong because another threat could shatter their very existence.

Jambrea Jo Jones continues to weave her magic in this third book in her Seeds of Dawn series. Inequities deals with the varied levels of strength and magic within the pack, and with the alpha’s feelings of self-doubt in his abilities. As with the first two in this series, the world here is filled with unique and interesting characters, and adds a new species in with the wolves and cats we have seen so far. Every character has a purpose, a specific role to play in the prophesied war that has been foretold by the Ancients, and the threads are coming together more in each book. Russ Masters is alpha of his pack. It is an unusual pack, composed of misfits and outcasts, but all are welcome at the Masters compound. Russ is strong in leadership skills and yet he doubts his worth. Handsome and loyal, he knows Vivian is his mate, but feels she deserves more. I enjoyed watching as he realized it isn’t about magic or strength or who has more, but about knowing how to lead and protect his mate and his pack. I also loved watching as his mate put him soundly in his place, bringing out the best in him. Vivian Sommers is a fox shifter, and a very determined woman. She is strong and sassy, and decides that if Russ doesn’t want her for a mate, she will leave. I loved watching as she refused to let him wallow in self-pity, and stood up to him at every turn. Although a princess in her den, she wants nothing more than to be with her mate and spend her life loving him. I love Vivian’s spirit and her courage in facing the very dangerous Ryerson.

There are a couple of surprises in this one that I didn’t expect, and another couple found mates in each other, but this is very much Russ and Vivian’s story. There is an evil mage controlling things from the background, and the danger is never far away, but Ms. Jones manages to bring the threads together for a sweet yet sexy happy for now for Russ and Vivian. And there are several very hot scenes here, with passion jumping out at you from the pages. There is still more danger headed their way, but together, the pack will face what is coming and present a united front. I recommend that these be read in order to better see the full picture of this story. I look forward to the next book in this series, and will be keeping my fan ready for the next one.


Going home could be deadly.

Centuries have passed. While family has come and gone, cat shifter Zareb has stayed strong to fight against an evil that keeps coming back. It’s his duty as a guardian and he never lets the Ancients down. Not even when he has to go against his fellow guardian. It is a risk he was willing to take – until he meets the woman who could change his world.

Joy Rockwell is pissed at the universe. Or is she? The pull from the Vessel is strong. It drags her down and brings out her mean side. Although she’s journeying to Africa with virtual strangers, she knows in her heart that this is where she is meant to be.

Two strong individuals must fight their way through the jungles of Africa to put an end to the hold the Vessel has over the shifters before it’s too late. Will they fall in love along the way? Or will they be torn apart by circumstances beyond their control?

 Origins is the fourth book in Jambrea Jo Jones’ intriguing series, Seeds of Dawn. This takes the story back to its source, in Africa, in the time when Zareb and Djimon were young, and being trained to be guardians, before they were shifters. There is a marvelous use of flashbacks in this one, with Zareb remembering the good times and the bad times before and after the Vessel drew them to it. I loved these glimpses into a time before the evil was loose, and seeing how all of this started.

Joy Rockwell is strong and determined, and loyal to those she cares for. She is also strong in magic, and a good match for the strength of Zareb. I love her sassy attitude and her take no prisoners approach to life. I liked that, although she is new to the shifter community, she trusts in her mate completely and without question. I love that they share power, to the benefit of both, and that she is willing to step back when Zareb asks. I also love her determination to convince Zareb that he is worthy of having a mate, namely her. Zareb is strong, and carries a burden of guilt that keeps him from being happy. He feels unworthy of Joy and her love, and he doubts himself and his mission. I liked the fact that Zareb was willing to let Joy take the lead at times in their relationship, not needing to be the big strong man all the time. There is a sharing of power and of souls that is unique to these two, and it is possible because his inner strength and his sense of the past and its connection to the present. This is a fast paced adventure, with danger around every turn in the path for Joy and Zareb and their friends. The passion in this one explodes off the page early and often, and it was impossible to put down. Ms. Jones raises the heat level in this with several hot scenes, both in the jungle, and again back in civilization. Origins finally gives the reader a look into where and how events have unfolded, and offers a glimpse into a possible future for the Masters pack and all shifters. The supporting cast is perfect in this one, and I enjoyed looking at the progress of these characters as they find their unique place in the pack. I recommend that this series be read in order to get the whole picture of what is happening in the world of passion and magic and power.

The most recent in this series is one I really am dying to read-and I wish I could hurry payday along. For now, I will tease you with the cover and blurb for


Ive Sheppard travelled a great distance to save a man she’d only dreamt about—her mate. Now she is journeying to Africa to save not only his life, but his soul without losing her heart in the process.

Djimon is lost. For centuries he was locked inside his body while an evil spirit took over and controlled him. Now the spirit has been banished and Dji is lost. The horrors he witnessed won’t go way and he has no idea how to redeem himself.

Greycen Sheppard is Ive’s twin brother and when she left he followed only to find what he’d thought would never be his—a mate.

Peter Tyler has had a rough life, thrown out of his birth pack for being gay and wandering the world searching for himself until he finally finds the Master pack and is accepted for who he is, not who he’s attracted to. When Grey shows up, the impossible is right in front of him, but can his heart believe that a gay man can have a mate?

Four lives will be forever changed—but will love be enough as they struggle through captivity, past prejudice and unimaginable horrors to fulfill an ancient prophecy.


All of the Seeds of Dawn books are available for purchase HERE for your reading enjoyment.

I will be giving a $5 GC to one commenter on this post, and two Seeds of Dawn hand beaded book thongs are also up for grabs. Please leave your email address so I can contact the winners.

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Want to Go Irish? Wild Irish, That Is

After much deliberation (by RANDOM.ORG), I am ready to announce my winners.

For the $5 GC, the winner is

Melissa Bourn

The three winners of the custom beaded Wild Irish Book thongs are:

Francesca @Under the Covers

Mina Gerhart

Eva P

I will email each of you tomorrow for your snail mail addresses, and to Mel-I will check to see what GC you want. Congrats, y’all, and there is lots more to come. Authors are starting to donate goodies for the rest of the summer.

Want to Go Irish? Wild Irish, That Is

Mondays child is fair of face,

Tuesdays child is full of grace,

Wednesdays child is full of woe,

Thursdays child has far to go,

Fridayschild is loving and giving,

Saturdays child works hard for his living,

And the child that is born on the Sabbath day

Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

To me, the Queen of hot and humorous romance is Mari Carr. Nothing shows this more than her delightful series about the Collins clan, seven siblings with decidedly decadent desires, and a penchant for fun and romance. Mari’s inspiration for the series began with the poem Monday’s Child, and each sibling gets their own story. But everyone loved the characters so much, we all begged for more, so Mari obliged us by giving us a Christmas story with back history of how their parents met, starting the family and building these special lives. The romances here run the gamut-straight romance, ménage, a bit of BDSM, and some man parts touching too. There is something for every taste, all with Mari’s inimitable style. So let’s go spend some time in that lovely neighborhood pub, and enjoy time with the Collins clan.

Monday’s Child-Kiera Collins

When the matriarch of the Collins family died, Kiera became a substitute for all of her siblings, putting aside her wants and needs for those of her family. Now all the siblings are adults, more or less, and Kiera decides to do something for herself-a college education that she has always wanted. So why is it that every time she goes to English class, all she can think of is her sexy professor, Will Wallace, bending her over his desk for some spicy extra-curricular activity? Will recognizes in Kiera the submissive personality longing to break free, but can he convince her to explore it with him once she is no longer his student? Can he finally get her to see that she deserves a life of her own now that she no longer needs to be a surrogate parent?

The first book in Mari Carr’s Wild Irish series is one very hot exploration of a woman discovering herself, and coming to terms with her wants, her needs and her sexuality for the first time. The characters her, Kiera and Will, and perfect for each other, and this book sets the stage for the family stories yet to come.

Tuesday’s Child-Teagan Collins

If Kiera was the ‘heart’ of the Collins family, raising her siblings with love and support, then Teagan could very well be seen as the ‘soul’ of the Collins clan. Creative, sweet and innocent, she gives her music as a gift, and loves nothing more than to share her gift with others. Teaching preschoolers, playing for the old folks, and entertaining in the family bar-all are expressions of love for her. When Sky Mitchell hears her songs, he finds his muse. With plans to go solo and leave the rock band that made him a household name, Sky is hiding out in Baltimore to avoid his manipulative manager and the press. When Teagan refuses to sell Sky her songs, he makes a bet, and they end up writing songs together for his new album. As days go by, Sky is learning that there is much more to Teagan than her hippie clothes and red hair; but he didn’t plan on falling in love, and idn’t plan on putting her in danger as someone tries to stop his solo plans before they start. These two are the star-crossed couple, and I sniffled and sighed throughout the book.

Wednesday’s Child-Tristan Collins

From the heart-breaking opening pages to the passionate conclusion, Waiting for Wednesday is a superb tale of love lost and found, betrayal and danger, and lots of steamy scenes along the way. This is the story of Tristan Collins and Lane Bryce, a couple who are only friends, in the beginning. Tris works in the family bar, and knows Lane from her regular Wednesday evening visits. Until she leaves her husband and ends up in the hospital, seriously hurt. She disappears for a year, but just when Tris decides he needs to get on with life without Lane, she returns to Baltimore, and the bar. Can Tris continue to be “just friends” with Lane on her return? Will Lane discover that she can have her freedom and still be with Tris? Can they fight their attraction when Mr. Collins has a stroke, and Lane is the live in nurse the family wants? What about Lane’s possessive ex-husband-will he cause trouble for the couple? Waiting for Wednesday is a story of sweet beginnings, hot sexy nights and harrowing danger. I felt like the characters were real, like they are people I have met and liked, and want to get together with again. There is a passion in Ms. Carr’s story that is hot beyond words, but she also shows the softer side of the newly forming relationship with Lane and Tris. Lane is a strong woman, determined to stand on her own two feet and not be controlled ever again. I loved the fact that Lane was attracted to Tris, but didn’t realize that her feelings were returned. I think we have all been there at one time in our lives.

Thursday’s Child-Killian Collins

The Collins clan has such a love of life and a passion for living life full out. Killian and his buddy Justin are no exception, whether it was high school antics, military service, or love, they go full tilt and consequences be damned. But even they are surprised by Lily’s desire to spend one passion filled night fulfilling all of her fantasies with the two of them. I love that the two men are such perfect complements of each other: Justin the handsome, devil may care one, hiding his true feelings and letting things roll off him. Killian is the more serious of the two, more likely to think things through before acting on his feelings. Both are strong, handsome and sexy beyond belief. I loved the closeness between the two, but it is this closeness that Lily is worried about: she doesn’t want to come between her two best friends. And Lily is such a great character: smart, determined, but with just the right amount of apprehension in her. I love that she is not going to give up her dream of having one night with these two, all or nothing, and finds that there is more of her involved than she thought: in fact she finds her heart got fully involved while she wasn’t looking.

Friday’s Child-Ewan Collins

These characters are real and passionate and full of life and love.

Seven whole days with the Collins family may turn out to be more than Natalie is up for. But a promise is a promise, and Nat is sure she can handle whatever happens. As a thirty-something successful professional photographer, she is confident and capable of taking care of herself. But when she agrees to let Ewan Collins give her “life lessons” has she signed up for more than she can handle? Ewan has been in love with Nat for ten years, and he is not about to let a little thing like age stop him now. But can he convince Nat that age is just a number, and that they would be perfect for each other?

Saturday’s Child-Riley Collins

I didn’t think the Wild Irish series could any better. Then Mari Carr gives us Riley’s story, and pushes the excellence up to another level altogether. I love the Collins family, in all their crazy and loving glory. Ms. Carr’s characters are gloriously real and I want to visit with them every chance I get. Riley has watched most of her siblings find happiness and love, and deep down inside, she wants that too. She just doesn’t realize it yet. I love Riley’s zest for living life to the absolute fullest she can, and she knows no strangers. She knows the one thing in her life that never changes is steady, dependable, slightly boring, Aaron Young, her very best friend for twenty years. I loved the hidden side of Aaron, the side Riley never knew was there. I enjoyed watching Riley discover the many layers of Aaron’s personality, and the slow realization that there was truly a strong, sexy man hidden inside her friend. The misadventures of Riley and Aaron in Las Vegas are hilarious, and the supporting characters in this book are absolutely superb. The stripper, Bella, the hooker, Bubbles and the Wayne Newton look-alike cabbie are all well detailed and hilarious. I giggled most of the way through this book, when I wasn’t fanning myself. And yes, there is a marvelous amount of hot and sweaty sex in this one, and very imaginative scenes as well. After reading this book, and those before it, I am ready to declare Mari Carr as Queen of the Hot and Sexy Romantic Comedy genre.

Sunday’s Child-Sean Collins

Leave it to Mari Carr to bring her Wild Irish series to a close with the hottest and most emotional story of them all. I looked forward to reading this, but it was a bittersweet feeling, knowing I wouldn’t read any more about Ms Carr’s wonderful Collins clan. I should not have worried, as this book brings a perfect amount of closure to the series, and gives a bit of a glimpse into how the family has grown and yet stayed close. The characters in this are everything Ms. Carr has always embodied: complex and passionate and very down to earth. Real people, who could live next door, and who would be the friends you meet for barbecues and parties. Sean is the baby of the family, and has watched his siblings each find happiness with their mates. But he is a realist as well, and knows that he has a darker side to him, one that tends toward Domination and being in control. Make no mistake, this is Sean, Lauren and Chad’s story all the way.

Any Given Sunday is a fantastic reading experience, and it will make you laugh with the characters and the fun they have. It will also draw you in to the story and make you cry at the decisions they make along the way to the very wonderful and totally unorthodox happy ever after for all three of the characters. My advice for this one is to turn the fan on high, and keep the tissues handy.

If you’ve read the Wild Irish series by Mari Carr, this might be a good summer to reread them and remember all the fun of the Collins family.

If you haven’t read them yet, what are you waiting for, an engraved invitation? These books have it all; humor, love passion, danger, lots of Mari Carr’s scorching hot sex, and happily ever afters for all.

Buy them HERE  or HERE or HERE

You’ve read my opinion, now for the fun and games. If you have read the Wild Irish series, tell me who your favorite sibling is and give me one quote from your favorite story. For those of you who haven’t read them yet, read the excerpts of the books here and decide which sibling you would most like to meet, and give me a quote from the excerpt that convinced you of your choice. I will leave this open until Monday night June 18 at 10 PM Central time, and announce my winner on Wednesday. Is there a prize, you ask??? You want a prize, along with reading this great series? Well of course there is a prize-what’s a contest without a prize. One winner will get a $5 GC of their choice-Amazon, B & N, or Ellora’s Cave, and three will get Wild Irish book thongs, hand beaded by yours truly! (And maybe some miscellaneous swag as well)

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Three, Make that Four, to Enjoy

Last summer, I spent an evening ‘house-sitting’ at my daughter’s house, and spent the time catching up on some reading  I had wanted to do, just because. Don’t get me wrong, I love reviewing for the site I work for, but once in a while I want to read things just because they interest me. Having said that, I want to talk about three books I read that night. All are by the same author, and they tie in to each other quite nicely. The author is Wendi Zwaduk, and the books I read and enjoyed that evening were Learning How to Bend, Must Be Doing Something Right, and Tangled Up. they take place in the same small town, and the characters cross over between the stories a bit, making for a very enjoyable reading experience.

Now,  I also want to add something newer to this group of books. Wendi has given all of us, her fans, a delightful look at one of these couples in a prequel, the story of how Mindy and Arran got together way back when in college. this is a wonderful addition to the stories, and I wanted to add it to the rest here.

In Learning How to Bend, miscommunication and a hidden agenda threaten to end the six year marriage of Abby and Seth Donovan. Abby believes Seth wants a divirce, based on a letter she thinks is from him, and Seth is afraid that the lies of someone he considered a friend may be more than Abby can overcome. Seth is a military man, and his latest deployment has been a tough one for both of them. Add to that a ‘friend’ who wants what Seth has, and you have the recipe for disaster. When Seth comes home, they find things strained between them, and Abby makes a decision to live out a fantasy with her husband and his best friend Nate as a last ditch effort to salvage what she wants to hold on to-her love for Seth and their marriage.

Must Be Doing Something Right is Nate’s story. Nathan ‘Nate’ Waterford has it bad for Courteney Bennett, but he’s sure it is a one sided attraction. Nate has watched the romance writer since she started coming into the restaurant he was part owner of, with his partner Arran Mayes. When Courteney’s ex parades his new woman in front of her, Nate offers a shoulder, and anything else she will accept. But he is afraid to tell her his deepest secret-he isn’t really a struggling restaurant owner, he’s actually a successful estate lawyer. Courteney just got out of a relationship with a rich, lying cheater, and Nate is afraid she may see him in the same light once she knows the truth. Add in a scheming restauranteur, a sneaky waitress and an overbearing ex and you get a major snafu in the making.

Tangled Up is Arran’s story. Arran Mayes spends every March 23rd in a miserable funk, getting drunk and missing his wife Mindy. Even though they split up, Arran still loves her, but he also loves Savion Welles, the man he shares his home and heart with. When he calls her this year, she comes by, and walks in on Arran and Sav ‘in the act’. She discovers that she still loves Arran, and is turned on watching the two men together. When Arran is determined to make a life with both of the people he loves, he puts faith in love-the love he has for Sav and for Mindy, and hopes that Sav will accept Mindy into their lives and their bed.

Someone Like You is a prequel to Mindy and Arran’s story, a sweet and at times hot story of how these two met and grew to love each other. It continues in the delightful romantic vein that runs through all of the stories in this loosely related ‘series’ of Wendi’s. This is a look at Arran, Mindy and their college years, how they met, when life was simpler in some ways, but oh so much fun to read. I love Arran’s confusion as his thoughts keep turning to sex and togetherness with Mindy; after all, Arran didn’t date…girls, that is. But there is just something about Mindy that rattles him, and intrigues him. She’s real, and honest, and esay to be with. Can these two find some common ground, or will she run once she gets to know him?

I love Ms Zwaduk’s small town of Crestline Ohio, a community where folks know and like each other, but live and let live without interfering too much. There is such passion and romance in each of these short stories, and they made me feel like these were people I would like to meet and spend more time with. While all four books deal with people in love, each has a different slant on life and romance. In Abby and Seth’s case, Abby thinks a one time threesome with their friend will help heal what is wrong, when in fact nothing is wrong except for a conniving coworker causing problems. With Nate and Courteney, it is Nate and his secrets that cause the initial problem, one that gets blown out of proportion by outside influences. And Arran just needs to learn how to keep both of his lovers in his life.

I enjoyed the twists and surprises in each of these, learning who was the good guy and who was out for themselves. I liked seeing the characters weave in and out of each story-Abby and Courteney are friends, and each couple makes cameo appearances in the other stories. I also liked the warmth and comraderie evident in these-you truly felt that these people really like each other, and that friendship plays an important role throughout. And yes, I most certainly enjoyed the scorching hot sex these folks managed to have all over the place-Ms Zwaduk has a creative imagination and a very descriptive style. The passion jumps off the page at times. Yes, each couple has obstacles, but then if love was easy, it wouldn’t be so much fun. There are fantastic Happily Ever Afters here, and I recommend all four for your summer reading list.

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A Quick Hint

I’ve had a couple of folks ask me who the next author I am going to feature on the Summer Spectacular is, and I decided on a mini contest. I’m going to post two pictures here, and the first one to e-mail me at nancyg5997 at gmail dot com (no spaces) will get a surprise from me. Contest goes until Thursday night 10 PM CDT.

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Summer Series Spectacular

Now that I have had a bit of time to think, and pick up some suggestions from my *cough* loyal readers, I’ve decided on a name for my latest escapade. I am starting to put together prizes, and some of these are ebooks donated by some of the featured authors, print books I have collected, including some very nice signed copies, unique hand beaded book thongs (made by moi, of course), assorted swag I’ve accumulated,  and one of a kind pieces of jewelry, along with the occasional gift card or two. Every time you, as readers, comment, it counts as one entry toward the end of summer prize. But here’s the twist-I will also be randomly picking comments throughout the summer to spice things up-and I may find little quizzes and puzzles for extra challenges. It is going to be a fun summer, and the more you visit, the better your chances are at scoring some prize. And I will be posting reviews of fun books as we go along-not just series recaps, but books that could be good summer reading-some new, some not so new. After all, it is my blog, and I get to have some fun too. Requests? Suggestions? Dirty jokes? Hot guy pics? What else would you like to see here?

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My New Summer Adventure

By now, I’m sure you’ve noticed the post about Jayne Rylon’s Powertools series. My plan, now that the first one is up, is to go through my very extensive collection, and twice a month I will feature one author’s series here at the blog.Feel free to disagree with my comments and choices.At the end of September, I will have some special gifts for some of those who have commented. This can include Gift cards from Amazon and B & N, custom beaded book thongs, hand made one-of-a-kind jewelry and whatever my devious little mind can conjur up. The next series will post around June 15, but I’m not revealing what it is…yet. In the meantime, if there is a series you’d like me to take on, by all means, tell me, and I will give it my best shot! Now, go and enjoy Powertools-after all Jayne is a USA Today honored author because of them (and a few others)

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What NOT to do on a Boring Day at Work or How Jayne Rylon Saved the Day


We recently had a slow day at my EDJ (these are becoming more rare) and I needed to do something to keep from falling asleep. Since I am never without one of my trusty ereaders, it seemed like the perfect time to catch up with a few old friends and make some new ones. Big mistake-not because I chose the wrong books, but because I had forgotten how much fun these books were, and just how hot these books are. What books, you may be asking. What books could have caused this upstanding and dedicated public servant to sit at her desk in her semi-private cubicle and just smile, sigh and even giggle and moan out loud? What could have necessitated turning the fan on high, even though the air conditioner was spewing out chilled air right behind my chair? Like an idiot, I decided that the perfect way to keep occupied was to have a marathon read of Jayne Rylon’s Powertools series-yes, I’m an idiot, and these certainly did brighten up an otherwise boring couple of days, but I also got a few decidedly strange looks from my coworkers in the process.

It started innocently enough. I went and revisited Kate’s Crew-five unbelievably hot and sexy men, friends and sometimes more, who had formed a crew to do construction and remodeling jobs.  When Kate hired them, she couldn’t keep her eyes of the buff bodies and tight buns of these delicious and delectable men. Although Mike was her main focus, all five men drew her, and some of the ‘after hours’ activities they all indulged in were wicked and sinfully delicious. And it raised the temperature in my cubicle a few degrees just revisiting these folks.



I had forgotten just how hot these were, but once I started, I couldn’t stop at just one, so onward I went-right into Morgan’s Surprise. Once the job for Kate was done, the crew moved on to do renovations for Kate’s friend Morgan, and as Kate and Morgan dished over the men working around them, Morgan let slip the info that she was sort of into Joe, not knowing he was right behind her as she spoke. Red-faced, Morgan is stunned to learn that Joe is interested and thrilled when he asked for a date. She already knows, through Kate’s tales, that the men often do things as a group, and we aren’t talking bowling or baseball here. These guys are open and up front about their sexuality, and their all for one willingness to share at times. Since one of Morgan’s deepest secret desires is to have several men lavish her with attention, and not the platonic kind. She wants to get down and dirty with Joe, and maybe a few others as well. What she gets is more than she ever expected, and I for one will never think of Halloween, a hayride or cornfield in quite the same way again!

Next up for me was Kayla’s Gift, and this time, the guys are working on Kayla’s dream-her spa and hideaway she wants for those who choose the ‘clothing optional’ lifestyle. She wants a retreat where folks can relax and live the naturist life sans clothing, because she hates to wear anything more than what she was born in. When a massive snow storm traps Dave, Neil and James at the cabin with Kayla, things are tense at first. When Dave explains the crew’s ‘close relationships’ Kayla reveals her secret, and that is when the fun and games begin. But as the weather clears, Kayla begins to think that it was all a one-time thing, and she’s afraid she’s already begun to lose her heart to the big and lovable Dave, and that he doesn’t feel as much for her.  When Neil’s duplicity comes to light, things get rocky, and I had trouble keeping the tears from flowing, but things worked out for the best, and Dave and Kayla began their trip down the road to happily ever after, just like the rest of the crew before them.

When the success of the crew’s business ventures gives them plenty of business, Mike hires a new apprentice, and that is where Devon’s Pair starts-with the arrival of the new ‘hired help’ Devon Giles. As Neil watches for the new, unknown worker to arrive, he indulges in a bit of ogling at the hottie that just hopped out of her truck. Yes, Neil is in love with his partner James, and committed to their relationship, but he and the crew have always had an anything goes with everyone in the crew, and have shared with them all at some point. He wonders how the new guy will fit in with the anything goes lifestyle: will they have to hold back on the shenanigans and passionate displays until after hours. James sees the way Neil is looking at the woman by the truck-it’s the way Neil usually only looks at him. When the hottie shucks her top and dons work boots, it suddenly becomes clear that Devon Giles, their new workmate, is one delectable morsel. Devon is afraid she will not fit in, and for weeks, although the work goes well, the guys haven’t exactly been themselves. Until the day she accidently encountered James and Neil  in an intimate and super-hot encounter, and thinks that the guys have been holding back because she’s there. James is feeling insecure too, ready to walk away if Neil decides he want Devon more than him. What he doesn’t see is she wants both of them for her own, and when Mike calls a meeting, they clear the air. I won’t spoil the best part of this one, but I will say this, I never thought nine people could find so many ways to bring each other satisfaction in such scorching fashion. This is a definite must read in the series, and it takes hot to a whole new level.

That brings us to Nailed to the Wall, the latest in this series. I couldn’t believe Jayne Rylon could raise the stakes any higher, and besides, all the guys have met their mates, so what more was there to say, right? I was so wrong there, because with this book, the women take over, and no one is more devious than a group of women who want to satisfy their men and ensure that the good times continue. As each couple tries to start families, they still want to keep life exciting and while the men are off ice fishing, the girls conspire to all sorts of things.  The massive free for all that occurs when the guys come home early is just a hot hint of more to come. I refuse to write more about this book, because to do so would include too many spoilers and this book deserves better than that.

I don’t do ratings on this blog, I just give my honest opinion of what I’ve read. If I did, these would get the highest recommendation I could give. This series is not for the timid or faint of heart. If you are offended by man bits touching, bodies flexing and rubbing together in all permutations, and more than enough screaming hot sex to satisfy even the most decadent of folks, this series is definitely NOT for you. But if, like me, you enjoy man to man, man to woman, woman to woman, man to woman to man, and any other combination possible between five super-hot men and their sexually liberated women, in just about any location, you have got to read these five books. Jayne Rylon has lifted the bar with these, and I look forward to more action in the future. I am looking forward, impatiently, to Hammer It Home, the next Powertools book, with this question in my mind: Where will Jayne Rylon take us now? Is there any untested ground to explore? If there is, you can be sure Jayne will find it to titillate and tempt us all.


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There’s a Hot Time Coming

The Smutketeers are having a BDSMAPALOOZA May 9th and 10th and our favorite Queen of Kink Eden Bradley is heading it up, along with a HUGE group of some of your favorite authors!

Just click the image to be sent on to the party!!!

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